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See "Print View" instead of "Form View" by default

all documents in ERPNext have basically 2 views to be looked at

  1. the Form view (which can be seen as ‘edit mode’)
  2. Print View (which does not allow direct editing)

by default you enter the Form/Edit View by default when you open any Document.

Is it possible to change this default behavior in a way that you see the Print View when opening a Document and only get to the Form View after clicking the Edit button on the upper right?

Yes, in doctype you will see the option Show Print First

Thanks, Makarand

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Can you make this permission-based? For instance, you want a customer to be able to view a document but only in print view.

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@flexy2ky Does it even work currently? I remember that this feature has been removed.

I can’t see such a checkbox in v11 doctype, neither in customize form. I may not be looking at the right location though

Seems this has been removed as show print first is no longer there: