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Section break inside section break



some docs get really long and not easy to work with or to quickly find what are you looking for. For example, in one section break has multiple tables and field, is quite long with long scrolling.

what I need:
any way to have section break inside section break?


Did you try collapsing the sections?


I have section break “collapsing”, inside it 16 tables:
I want in every table has section break to can I open it or close it
But at the end includes the first “section break” does not come out of it, how can I do it?

If I make each table has section break they separate and are not included for the first section break!


please any one can help me!


As far as I know there is no nesting option of sections, only sections and columns. Why not use each inner section as normal, collapsible section?


If you can share what is your current design, people here can suggest recommendations to improve it.


Thanks for your response. I’ve uploaded a Image showing what I mean:

I have a section break and then a number of tables come, each table contains a number of elements, “is quite long with long scrolling”, I need each table separates it, so I do not have to show all tables only what I need

If I make each table has section break they separate and are not included for the first section break!


16 tables on the same doctype is a lot.

Can you group them according to some common characteristics or other commonality ?

For eg., paper forms have a section for For Office Use, or Statutory Details. All the details under it are related to a PURPOSE. So are there tables with common purpose - then group them under the same section break with a relevant name and allow it to be collapsible by default. This by default collapsible behavior can be seen in the Employee doctype where the Employee’s info section is visible whereas all others are collapsed.


I can’t, I want all the tables under one section break Do you anyone have idea of ​​doing this?


So far I have not found the right solution,
But I thought to create a HTML field and put collapsible html and tables inside it ,
But how can I bring the child table to HTML field " not its values"

How can I fetch all the fields, not only the values, but the whole field, so that the user can deal with them naturally and not just value for display

thank you


I think that it’s easier to try to “inject” some html with jQuery in between the child tables. But remember that (at least in v11.1.30), if you have more than 1 child table in the same section a “delete all rows” of one (by selecting them and clicking in delete rows) all the section is cleared.


thank you for reply!

please can you explain how can I “inject” some html with jQuery in between the child tables


You can get the tables with $(...) and then add some html with .wrap(...) or something like that.