Search using serial number

i been wondering if its possible to search using serial number in the sales invoice instead of item code i will input the serial number then displays the item name?

Why not… When doing Add Filter use Serial No field instead of Item Code.

This isn’t possible at present. You must select an item code first.

Thank you :slight_smile:

can you teach me how to add filter using serial No??

Go to Sales Invoice

Click on Add Filter

Select Serial No (Sales Invoice Item)

And type in your serial number. Change Equals to Like if Equals doesn’t work

Thank you

Okay I think my solution is not the correct one to your question.

By following my solution you will get the INVOICE NOT THE ITEM NAME in which a product of a certain serial number was sold. But you say you want to display item name

Thank you for your response… i really appreciate it a lot @root13F… thank you so much…

that’s alright but does my solution actually solve your problem ?

yes you solve it thank you

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