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Script Report - How to paginate?


Is there a way to paginate script reports? I have thousands of entries to be displayed in my Script Report and want to paginate them for every 500 entries or so. Is this possible Kindly help


Create Page implement pagination in your HTML file.

Refer following jQuery pagination plugins -


Thanks a lot @Sangram. I will try implementing and update here


Hi @umavijay
Any updates on Script Report - How to paginate?


Did you people find any solution ?


Hi @farqalit
I tried in js side :
created two buttons called Previous and Next with custom user input filter called Fetch Days Data.
Working criteria like:
Suppose to be, From Date is : 01-12-2018
To Date is :31-12-2018 and
Fetch Days Data(user input) is :5
If user clicks on Previous button: The report data will appears from 27/11 to 31/11.
If user clicks on Next button: The report data will appears from 01/12 to 05/12.



Thanks Raghavendra,
I will try your suggestions.