Schedule Not Running Appropriately

Hi Helpful Community,
So here is the situation.
All the scheduled tasks are run correctly and timely. They show complete and successful in log. However, their intended action is not actually executed. E.g. i have the auto email scheduler task does not actually send emails whereas it shows that the task has been run successfully.

However, when I sign-in as system administrator and manually run the task then that action actually takes place e.g. the email is sent in the above scenario.

So it seems that although the task is successfully run automatically at its due time but there is some issue cause of which the actual action does not get executed.

Any help to resolve this would be highly appreciated please!

When a task has a label of “Success”, what it actually means is:

“Python finished running the code, and did not encounter any unhandled Exceptions.”

As you saw, this does not mean the function produced the desired results/output. It just means no unhandled Exceptions were thrown.

Troubleshooting these can be challenging. Sometimes the answer exists in log files. If not, you will need to modify the Python functions. Adding additional print() statements, or logging more information to a database or file. This extra logged output can help you understand what is not happening, that -should- be happening.

I also recommend examining Python RQ, to make sure the task actually fired. There are a few open source apps like RQ Monitor and RQ Dashboard that can help.


Couldnt find anything so far :frowning: