Same Fee Structure for multiple programs

Hi @ManasSolanki ,
We are exploring to implement ERPNext for a group of institutions to manage their Admissions and Fee Management. The number of programs they offer are too many but the fee structure is same for multiple programs. I would like to know if its possible to implement same fee structure for different programs.
STG-LKG & STD-UKG have same fee structure. In place of defining 2 separate fee structure I would want only one to be defined.

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Hi @mujeerhashmi,

You have to check the documentation for this, I am not sure about the current implementation.



You can setup a handful of “service” item codes and then use a narrative to describe the course.

Personally though, I would setup an item code for each course/programme and setup department codes so that you can see profitability by department and/or by course.

Don’t forget you can use the data import facility to load all the courses up quickly…