Sales Order Update Items after Submit

Dear Users,

As we know the new updates in erpnext is allowing sales order Items and rates can be updated after submitting it, but in my case it’s a bug to me.

I have a workflow where I have restricted the users to see the rates of item, by hiding that field in sales order, and I have also removed there permission to access the Item Price and Price list.

In my workflow The “user1” will create the sales order and using the workflow buttons it will be sent to production in draft mode, then “user2” will update the items i.e. qty and since the pricing field is hidden for user2 also he cannot see the price, the price is fetched form Price list from background automatically on the basis of Item. Once the “user2” udpates the items the same sales order again sent back to “user1” using workflow button, but this time Sales Order comes in submitted form to “user1” after that he will create the delivery note and complete the work.

Now the problem is once the Sales order comes back to “user1” in submitted form he is not able to create the delivery note because the the system says that there is unsaved changes in this document. Since the “user1” is not having the access of price list and Item Price the rate of item shows 0 in the rate column, and it modifies the sales order and this problem occurs.

Now what is the solution to it, how I can disable the update items on sales order or how it can be ignored for “user1”.

Please suggest this on priority, coz my whole workflow is stuck at the moment.