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Sales Order Price List Rate


Hello everybody,

I need a case such that whenever i make a sales order, i need to be free of entering “Rate” of the item. I don’t want the Rate to be fetched from Price List (Standard Buying / Standard Selling / etc…)

Even i disabled all the price list, the message will keep showing and it stops further process.
How can I make a SO or PO without price list?

Can anyone help me?


@umair Can you check



it automatically inserted item prices. thats why it pulls rate even after i diabled price list.

Now i deleted all item price and checked ignore price list…

and also i have changed the file in stock module

def get_price_list_rate(args, item_doc, out):
	meta = frappe.get_meta(args.parenttype or args.doctype)

	if meta.get_field("currency"):
		validate_conversion_rate(args, meta)

		price_list_rate = get_price_list_rate_for(args.price_list,

		# variant
		if not price_list_rate and item_doc.variant_of:
			price_list_rate = get_price_list_rate_for(args.price_list, item_doc.variant_of)

		# insert in database
		if not price_list_rate:
			if args.price_list and args.rate:
#				insert_item_price(args)      # Commented by Amalendu
				pass						 # Added by Amalendu
			return {}

		out.price_list_rate = flt(price_list_rate) * flt(args.plc_conversion_rate) \
			/ flt(args.conversion_rate)

		if not out.price_list_rate and args.transaction_type=="buying":
			from erpnext.stock.doctype.item.item import get_last_purchase_details
			out.update(get_last_purchase_details(,, args.conversion_rate))

what is the correct way?



You can make Item’s Price List field editable from:

Selling > Setup > Selling Settings

Check field “Allow user to edit Price List Rate in transactions”.

Hope this helps.


Thanks for the reply…

Checking that field still adds item price for the first time and second time onwards it automatically fill the item rate in SO.



In my case Item Price Not coming after maintaining price list for buying as well as selling.