Sales Order: Item Name not populated after Item Code is entered

When adding item to the Sales Order doctype,
Upon entering the Item Code, the Item Name is not being populated.

Thank you.

Which version ?, Any customization or custom script?

I do not think it is because of the version but because of the message - “Exchange Rate is mandatory. Maybe Currency Exchange record is not created for USD to USD”

I think I am seeing something similar, except item name is there on the quotation and sale order in the form views, but it does not show up on any of the reports (quotation or sales order). The reports just show the item code and description in the item lines, but not the item name. If I switch between the form view and print view with the little printer icon, the item names appear then disappear.

I am running the latest version. Just installed yesterday morning and updated today.

Never mind. It looks like the standard reports are configured that way. I guess I’d better do some custom ones