Sales Invoices for Non-numbered Invoices

We have situation that we have two type of Invoices GST and Non-GST. For GST, Sales Invoice module is perfect and but what we can do for Non-GST/Cash Invoice as we can’t give them invoice number. Sales Invoices module can’t let us change invoice number.

Means, we need to record two types of invoices; cash and GST/numbered through Sales Invoice

Hi @rachanna,

what if you add another naming series for the sales invoice (e.g. SINV-NONGST-), which you use for the non-GST. The system will still create a number for each sale (which normally does make sense for traceability), but does not interfere with your normal numbering…

You will find the naming series configuration in /desk#Form/Naming Series/Naming Series

Hope this helps.

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After this, would we able to maintain like this?
SINV-00001 and SINV-NONGST-0001

yes. This should help