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Sales Invoice Select Serial Numbers option

We’re not using batch or serial for any items, but while making sales invoice the following popup raised to enter the serial number, how to stop this.


Is this a new installation of ERPNext and it is happening on first use or have you been creating sales invoices right along and this started happening all of the sudden?

Does it happen with all items?

I’m facing same issue after update latest version ERPNext v12.10.0

I am facing the same issue although I do enable the batch no but not serial Num.
App version
erpnext 12.9.4
frappe 12.6.2

make this enable then disable it. check after this exercise what is happening

Yes, even we are facing this issue after the latest update.

@smino - yes its happening with all the items.

@Suresh_Thakor - can you please elaborate where excatly to enable and disable?

I enabled & disabled the serial number options in both item and stock settings, but still it’s coming.

Dear Bro, please make it disable then check

remove tick from Has Batch No and Has Serial No.

I did that, but still its showing the popup’s.

This issue has been fixed. A PR for the same is here:

Hope this helps.


it does not seemed to have been fixed even after the update.


I could not replicate the issue after the fix. Could you please check if you have pulled the latest changes?

please check here

Yup, even after update it’s showing the popup.

Yep, popup is still showing. check this PR out perhaps, it was raised 4 days ago