Sales Invoice Number skipping

I have a suggestion regarding sales invoice numbering .Can we have a field for manually entering invoice number after first save .
For example, If I enter sales invoice which is saved at SINV-0015 and not submitted . Now,i want to actually enter that invoice at SIN-0014 .the document at that id is deleted and no record is there on SINV-0014.

if we can have a field to manually enter Invoice Id ,say “0014” andd save it ,it should replace the existing id of the document which is saved ie SINV-0015 to SINV-0014

if we enter invoice number value of a submitted document,it should not allow in this case

In this way,we can solve the issue of skipping invoices numbers .

now ,similar function can be done if we update current invoice no in naming series page and duplicate the existing invoice but this will ease the whole process

You can rename doc after save.


You can set naming series to starting number.