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Sales Invoice Editable numbering - Custom Field is immune to future updates?


Hello All,

as I am trying to figure out if ERPNext is suitable for my business, I am facing the issue of auto generated document (invoices) numbering.
I have read on the topic on the forums so let me make my use case scenario as an example for consideration to allow editable invoice numbers.

As we and many companies try to transition from either accounting programs or paper based setups to a more integrated solution, we need to be able to continue with our current workflow. Our current operations are heavily based on paper invoicing, due to the majority of sales being ex Van (and multiple points of sale). An accounting software is then used to keep track of the transactions.
From an accounting point of view it is not advisable to have multiple invoice series (here meaning having both computer generated invoices and paper invoices with different series) and there’s still the issue of keeping track of the paper invoices which have their own numbering sequence - something that ERPNext cannot handle without customization.

What I would like the developers to consider is the possibility of an alternate scheme where you could select auto document number generation based on naming series OR editable document numbers based again on a naming series for a given fiscal year or accounting period.

This would allow us to use ERPNext without changes in our current operations, until a latter date where you could switch to autogenerated naming series.

I understand that this may be accomplished with a custom field, but will this solution be resilient to future updates?