Salary Structure with ESIC 1.75% of gross

please update how can add this component

Employee ESIC (1.75% of Gross) applicable when gross salary less than 21000

Condition as following:

(sum_all_earning_component) > 21000

Example: (b + hra + tra) > 21000


(salary_component) * 0.0175

Hope this helps.


thanks for your reply.
the salary component is total salary of employee.
in the sense sum of all component.

would you share a print screen of your worked formula ?

thanks for your quick reply i am shairing you our salary structure please check & help me.

salary_component meant here is the abbreviation or “the summation” of the components abbreviations that you already inserted in the salary structure earnings or deductions,
so lets say you already inserted in the earnings table the following components:
Basic assume its abbreviation is --> b
Medical Allowance --> MA
Conveyance Allowance --> CA
and you already created the Employee ESIC component

then your condition will be :
(b + MA + CA) > 21000
and your formula for the Employee ESIC component will be:
(b + MA + CA) * 0.0175
if we assume that the gross salary = (b + MA + CA)

hope that helps

thanks for your reply
but this means if you add new earning component in salary slip you must edit formula with the new component
and this is not automated system
we made it by customize the salary component and add new feature name (based on function)
and in code we handle it from gross

so the formula will be
gross_pay * 0.0175
try that and give a feedback

i tried it and it did not work

even after submitting the salary slip ?

We have created two salary structure, but when printing salary slip showing one salary structure only how can change deferent salary structure of deferent location employee.

Regards, Ved Prakash

Asst. Manager Commercial | Numix Industries Pvt Ltd.


Would you please give a screen shot to the problem