Salary Slip, Salary Structure & Payroll Entry

In the end of month, can we make Payroll Entry for all employees in HR payroll process ?
Is it possible to make salary slip, structure for all employees at one time?
Every employee has a different Base Salary, Overtime, & other allowances.
Overtime is based on their individual Base Salary. Higher the Salary, higher the overtime. what formula we can use for this?

before we pass the entry for salary like this.
Salary Expense : Dr
Salary Payable : Cr
Once the payment done, we pass the entry like this.
Salary payable : Dr
Cash Or Bank : Cr.
so after one or two, three month’s, we can easily track the salary of each employee.

but when we pass journal voucher through erpnext payroll process, entry will make like this.
Bank A/C : Cr
Payroll Payable : Dr.
Means of entry is this, we paid the salary and our liability is also increase. so my side the entry is not correct.
Can someone guide me about these problem?

Hello @Speciallift_Sales

Every thing you stated above is possible in ERPNext

Why not start with reading the help manual on Salary management ?