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Salary Slip Formula Calculation



Need little help on salary structure formula calculation.

I need to calculate the PF on the basis if basic salary * 0.12% is higher then 1800 and it should calculate 1800 only and if it is below that then it should calculate that amount i.e. basic salary * 0.12%.

Now the basic salary is depend upon leave without pay, so after creating formula in PF section should I check Leave without pay or it will be calculated automatically ?



You can try adding two rows for PF which different conditions and formula. Then try creating Salary Slip against that Salary Structure with different values in Basic Salary (with/without) LWP and greater/less than condition amount and check if amount for PF is calculated fine.

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Hi @umair

Tried your solution please check the below conditions in salary structure is correct or not.

Condition one if basic salary(which is B) B *.12 is not equal or less then 1800 then the amount would be B * .12

and if basic salary B * .12 is equal or higher then 1800 then the amount would be 1800 only.

Below is the salary structure

Please note basic salary B is depend upon Leave without Pay, so logically if it decrease then the PF amount will also decrease right ?

Now below is the salary slip, in this slip employee is present for all days which 31, so the calculated PF amount is 1800 which is correct.

This is the secondary slip where the employee is not present for 10 days, and as I said that basic is depend upon leave without pay, so after calculation the basic is 10,974.19 so accourding to the PF formula the PF should be 10,974.19*.12 = 1316.9028 but it is still showing me 1800.

Now please let me know what I am doing wrong, and apart from it what should be the formula code if I want to round up the amount ?




Does any one have any input ?




Can you confirm, that are you also replicating the issue like I am, with the given conditions?

Or i am the only one :frowning:


can you explain how you get 16200?