Salary Components Not Showing in Payslip automatically


One of my salary structures is configured as shown in the screenshot.

The challenge that I am facing is to get it auto-populated in the salary slips after assigning this salary structure to an employee. When the salary slip is created the only components that show up automatically is the Conveyance Allowance. Anything that is based on the formula does not show up.

Could someone please provide any pointers here?


Go to salary structure assignment and check if you have set the Base. All the other components are directly or indirectly dependent on the Base.

Hope this helps.

Hi @michelle

Yes the base is allocated. Please see the screenshot.

Despite this the salary slip shows only the following component which as a manually set value.

In fact it is weird that I have a different test environment where the salary structure works. But it does have other few components as well.

Please expand the row in Salary Structure and check if “Amount Based on Formula” checkbox is checked?

Yes it was checked and I have tried unchecking that without much luck. However as you could notice, my salary structure does have the formula mentioned.

Thanks for pointing that out @michelle. The checkbox was checked on the salary components while it should have been checked in the components while creating the salary structure. Appreciate all your help and time.