Salaries expenses under certain project cost v8

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Can I make salaries expenses (for some employees) under certain project cost in V8?
I see new field under payroll process called project.
I tried it but I saw that the project cost not affected.???
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No, sorry this is not an option right now. I opened a git issue on the same thing


@James_Robertson thanks for your quick reply and how can I solve this issue now is it by using timesheets or there is other option except the following option:
Salaries expenses under certain project cost

You can do salary based on timesheet, however you can only have one pay rate and the current process won’t differentiate by project if you need to break that out. So the manual process given in the linked discussion would be a good way to run this for now. If you are up to it, I would recommend adding commentary to my issue (plus a vote) adding what else you need. More detailed we have the git issues the better imo.

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