Run POS like Desktop App

Good Day.

How can we run the POS module as a desktop app. Like we see in supermarkets.
And when the bar code scanner scans the item, for example a vegetable could we capture the name, weight, produce date, expiry etc…

Had a query from a customer . just posting it here.


I think you have to create a stand alone POS that would sync items and sales or used existing one that would connect using API. Because supermarket POS need to have a feature offline mode even the connection is cut they can still transact. or other option customize Erpnext POS that would save items and sales to the local dB in browser using js. Either of the solution needs an experienced Erpnext developers

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Yes . Experienced Developer is the concern. I am almost new to ERPNext.
It is a good platform. Want to have facilities such as the Desktop POS so that it could be extended and presented to customers who are in SME segment.

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