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Rounding issue -

Hi All,

I have the following issue with rounding in Sales Taxes and charges

When I have 4 Items each with the same Tax (19%) with a net total of 274,70
I get 52,20 for the taxes

When I have 1 Item with Tax (19%) and net total of 274,70
Iget 52,19 for the taxes

how can that be?

@spa probably at 3rd and 4th places you have digits closest to 25 eg:


Were 0.0026 is closest to 25, when you multiply with 4 it increase with 1

It occurs because frappe use floating point numbers instead of decimals.

ok thanks

what to do to solve it?

@spa, its an architectural issue or design, the best way, apply 0,01 as discount, and go ahead!

surely that cant be the answer

Go to currencies and set more decimal places in the accuracy. That can solve it without applying discounts