Round off total

In Sales Invoices, currently the rounded total only rounds the grand total to the one’s place. Is there any way I can round it to the ten’s place?

Please guide.

You can change it under “Settings”…number format


Sorry, but I don’t find any settings related to rounding there.
Setting number format doesn’t seem to round it to tens place either.

The number precision defines how many digits are shown.
In your case set both float precision and currency precision to 10

I think you didn’t quite get me. If my grand total is 103.25, I want my rounded total to be 100.
Increasing the precision only shows more decimal places.

Is there any way I can round it to the ten’s place?
Sorry - I thought you wanted 10 decimals…not to the $10

You could create a “custom” jinja output for sales invoices and adjust/round the display numbers to whatever you want. I have an example here which may point you in the right direction

But then it wont be reflected in my account statements. There will be collision between the bills and the company accounts due to mismatches and my accountant will rip me apart!

Hey @rtdany10 has your problem solved?

If not can you please describe in more detail like you have your grand total be rounded off to nearest 10th place this my understanding.
For Example : if your bill amount is 104.454 then it should be 100 and if 106 then it should be 110
Please correct me I my understanding is wrong.

Your understand is correct, but I couldn’t solve it.
I tried pushing value to the rounded total using a custom script but it didn’t work.
No solution as of now.

Okay try to use floor and ceil functions
Like This:

Math.floor(parseFloat(150.25)/10)*10 this will result 150

This will only give the rounded value. How will you change it in the rounded total field in the Sales Invoice.
It gets recalculated upon saving and original value is saved.

Yes for that you have write custom function and call on different triggers like before_save,on_submit.

But then again, it won’t be reflected in the RoundOff accounts, but only in the bill. Causing headache for the accountant.

You could create a custom script to set the round at “Write Off Amount”

Yes, that could be a solution and I thought of it.

But it leads me to another problem:

And also a bug: