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Right way to use Leads, Opportunity & Customer

Steps followed:

  1. Added an inquiry as lead (as organization). Provided person’s name and phone number.
  2. Created opportunity from this lead, when I got exact requirement details.


  1. Person got added as contact in my contact list.
  2. Opportunity shows person in contact with phone number, designation provided in lead missing.

I got another contact from this organization. How and where do I add it?
Since customer is not created for this organization, not sure where to add it. Opportunity screen doesn’t let me add another contact.

Any quick help will be really appreciated!!

Can someone help us understand this basic scenario:
When you add an organization as lead, and later convert it to Opportunity.

How do we add this organization as Customer now? Don’t see any option to do that except add a new customer by typing all the details again.
Please help!

@revant_one, can you pls help?

Contact doctype has child table for Dynamic Link. So contact can be linked to These doctypes.

Create Contact and add a row in this table for whichever doctype from selection available.

Thanks @revant_one for the quick reply.

Few observations:

  1. Linking you explained is not too user friendly… Any easier and more obvious way?
  2. To link a contact to a customer, first we need to add the customer. I have already converted the lead to opportunity. Should the customer be added from scratch?

I don’t use CRM like you intend to use.

I create lead, create quotation, create linked sales order, it creates customer automatically and same contact is linked to it.

May be someone else can help in your case.

You can still convert the lead to a customer from lead document.

I agree @Saumyaseelan_Pv, but as I said before, its not a very intuitive way. Techies can do it but normal users might not find it intuitive.