Reverse BOM Functionality

Hello everyone,

I want to use reverse BOM functionality. my scenario is, I have some raw materials and using this raw material we produce multiple finished product so how can we manage this functionality in BOM

Can you give a real example.

In my production, I have Two Raw Materials Items A and B with using This Two Raw materials we Produce Two Finished Goods Items C and D.
So How Can I Manage this Process In BOM

Why dont use use one FG as the primary FG and other as a scrap item

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Refer to below documentation, Hope it helps

While this approach is a good hack to get started, I think the fundamental manufacturing concept needs to be reworked to consider processes.

Continuing on the example of the petrol BOM producing ‘scrap’ as diesel, kerosene, etc., it should rather be that a certain process master is run, say “refining process” which gives multiple items as an output which are petrol, diesel, kerosene, etc.

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