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Restriction on Data based on users Role




I am looking for a solution where I can restrict a user to access a data in doc-type based on its role. As an example in Policy Document, I have a document type HR Guides, and I want the HR manager role to have access to those documents only.

Is it possible?


Yes, learn more here


Hi @Jai_Chavan , Thanks for your reply. I have read all the documentation you have share. But still I am unable to get the solution of my problem. I can see a user level permission on data but for this I have to add policy for each user. Is there not any way, where I can restrict a role to access a particular data of a table.


you can set user permision on a field or section or a hole doc type.

but you must to make a “role” first
after this set the permision level in this app you want to make make the new roles. example 2 or 5
after this go under Role Permissions Manager find the app you want to make special permision on.
add a new permision with the name you have give the role.
after this go under user set the permision under role you have make.

and now this use can see the field, section or a hole doc type.


if i understand it right,
you should only go under “Role Permissions Manager”
find “HR manager” and insert “policy document”