Restricting Permissions Levels for Item Price

I’m trying to limit a user to not be able to add a new (+) Item Price for products in a certain Item Group. He/she should only be able to create/edit for one Item Group.

I’ve restricted the user to be able to only create a new item in this group, but struggling how to limit the editing of the item price as it lets him/her edit any item price in any product group.

I think adding another permission level, but will this work?

Thank you.


can you provide step by step screen shot to explain in more detail what you would like to achieve, currently you mentioned


which are not quite clear or confusing, better to describe a real business case.

Dear szufisher,

I think the problem I was trying to eliminate was the (+) in the dashboard for Item Price. I was able to limit the user to not allow adding an Item Price to an Item through the permissions, but wanted to not show the ‘+’ sign as to let them know it’s not even possible.