Restaurant POS - Is this Github Repository ready for Production Deployment?


Has anybody deployed techidiots’ Restaurant POS enancement?

The Github repository is:

Is it ready? Deployable in a Production Setup?

Or is POS Awesome coming up with a Restaurant POS version?

Generally what options does one have for Restaurant POS on ERPNext?



Thank you for the information. If you are going to test it then please provide feedback. For comparison sake download this app trial version of 10 days. You can get demo db as well. We resell this closed source product. It’s working fine in many restaurants. It’s decent product with many features that ERPNext has in core. FYI. It’s windows based so Win 7 to Win 10 will be fine.


Restaurant POS is definitely in the pipeline for POS Awesome. We have done the scoping and listed out the feature sets.

We are just waiting for a client to request for it and obviously fund it. Most of the POS Awesome features are as a result of client requests and funding. We however make it clear to the client that once delivered the feature(s) will be open sourced.

@Muzzy rather than keep paying licensing fee to hyperdrive why not let us pool together and fund the Restaurant features for POS Awesome? Same to you @JayRam

My thoughts

Hey @olamide_shodunke Thanks. We used to sell this product. But now not much as we found restaurant clients to be really low on cash always. Plus the competition from other supplier was huge. They sell the product for peanuts, dont know how they make money. Nevertheless I dont mind working with @youssef. Can you share me link of the current git. I will see which parts we can assist in.

The same thing applies to retail in general. So many cheap retail solutions out there.

However, most of them are just standalone PoS, and a lot of retailers are now waking up to the reality that their business is much more than just PoS.

This is where a solution like ERPNext comes in handy. And this is why we are pushing aggressively to mature the PoS features of ERPNext.

We have successfully won many retail pitches even when competing with extremely cheap POS solutions, simply because of the other features ERPNext brings to the table, and these other features makes running the business that much more efficient.

This is the competitive advantage of having a full featured POS System on ERPNext.

This isn’t my industry, but I ran across this YouTube video where it looks like someone out there is working on a restaurant app that looks interesting. There’s links in the description to the Github repos.

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