Restart accountin

i am using erpnext in fabrication
i have sales order and sales invoice and stock entry …ect

i do it for keeping documents only.

but now i want to start with real accounting

the problemi am not accounting and when open GL all rows wrong
i need to keep all records and setting account balance to 0 value to start real accounting
but i need to keep all records i was entered

how can i do that?

i am trying start new Fiscal Year but no thing change, may be i do it by wrong way!!

i will share chart of account

Installed Apps

ERPNext: v12.0.3 (version-12)

Frappe Framework: v12.0.3 (version-12)

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could any one tell me the key for solution??

Go to Accounts, Company, choose your company and the bottom of page click “Delete Company Transactions”. Its a Red Button.

Hello @Muzzy

This option will delete everything .
I want keep all sales order and invoice .

Just i want to see all accounts = 0

Because all old sales order and invoice are really and i want to keep it in my database.

@Apex_Windows I don’t think it’s possible to keep invoices and delete entries in your Ledger (which is reflected in your chart of accounts). This is because they are linked. The only way to delete entries in your chart of accounts is to delete all transactions that made those entries (in this case they are your sales orders and invoices).

An option for you is to create a new site within your instance and create your company afresh while preserving the information on the old site in case you need to refer to the invoices and sales orders.

@flexy2ky is right. The invoices pass ledger entries hence you cannot keep invoices and make accounts zero. No alternative other than clearing everything.

Thanks @flexy2ky @Muzzy

But can have way to make account zero by using journal entry !?!.

I think its easy, just i want help from 1 accountant! Is this possible ?!

If you want to make the account balances Zero, there is no single click method for that as far as I know.
What you can do is
Option 1- Pass Counter JVs( Journal Entry) in Temp. Account

  1. Pull out the Trial Balance
  2. Check Balance on each Ledger/Account and Pass a Counter Journal Entry to the Temporary Opening Account
    For Example: If you want to reduce your Cash Account to 0
    This is the JV you will pass
    1100-Cash 7622.6 Cr
    Temp Opening 7622.6 Dr
  3. Once you pass JVs for all your accounts, Total Dr and Cr in Temp Opening must be equal, making its Balance as 0

Option 2- Create a New Company, this will create a new Chart of Accounts with 0 balances, you will still be able to see Previous Invoices etc by switching the company. Be sure to make the new Company as Default in Global Settings. Also make sure your users have permission to the new company as well.

Hope this helps


@Manan_Shah thanks i think new company the best options