Reports Formatting for non programmers

As a non programmer user and Chairman of a contracting company, I face a problem of obtaining customized formatted reports in an easy way. We have to ask the software company that customized the program for us most of the time to design reports for us despite that we have an IT Dept yet they do not know Python or JS. This consumes time and money and of course I prefer to do it in house.

Is there a third party app that can help in this?
Thanks and regards

Also, are there videos that can provide Step-by-step details about customized formatting of reports?

The easiest way would be to do a query report - (Report List)
query is quite simple, it’s SQL (mariadb). So you set the doctype you want, set it as a query report and write something like this:

    `tabProject`.name as "Project:text:90" #or `tabProject`.name as "Project:Link/Project:90"

it can do the where clause, unique(), sum(), order_by, … I just took an easy example here.
If you have an IT team, they most likely know everything there’s to know about this.

I must say: if you have a team that takes care of your server, please ask them first. They might need to add your things in a hook to not loose them in the future.

You can also do a Script report, but this one will be more complex, requires a lot of coding, access to the server and access to the git.