Report for currently logged in users

Hello All,

How I can generate a list/report of currently logged-in users in the ERP system? It would be advantageous if an admin user can forcefully log-out an idol user or kill a session.


You can set a session time out , this will be a global rule , under system settings>security.

Thanks @msalim79 for the reply.

Actually, it is a global setting. It is definitely helpful. But my requirement is slightly different. I want 2 things: 1) To check how many users are currently logged-in and 2) forcefully log-out or kill a session in an ad-hoc manner. This means it should be need-based. It is up to an admin that the session should be killed or not.

Setting a global session time out would create inconvenience to the regular and routine users.

Out of the box i dont see anything , you would then need to build and customise your needs.

I have found out a solution for the requirement posted.

There is a table in ERPNext DB named ‘tabSessions’ where in one can find out - user, ipaddress, lastupdate, device, status, and sessiondata - columns. By that one can get to know who are currently logged-in in the system. One can build a custom report and produce the requisite data.



Command: uptime
Will show you how many users in