Repeat Letter Head

Hello guys

I want to add the letterhead on every page of print in pdf.
In the print setting, enabled the check box Repeat Header and Footer in PDF.

And my code is

{% if letter_head and not no_letterhead -%}

{{letter_head }}
{%- endif %}

Please help me with this. How can I repeat the letterhead in print format on every page of pdf?

Hi @jinsy,

Please select letter head in your according to doctype:


you can select letter head in print format:


I added letterhead and it’s displayed in print also I want to display letters head on each page .so is there an option for that?

Letterhead will repeat in the PDF option not in print to PDF.


Thanks for your reply.

Actually, I already enabled the check box and also reloaded/cleared the cache. But nothing happens…again it displays letterhead on the first page only.

Hi @jinsy,

In not print preview but can you checked in PDF generate to repeat letter head or not?
It’s not worked then Maybe it’s bug in version.