Repack item cannot be sold?

Hi I got one shoe and one box (each is an item) packed into a repack. But I cannot select it from Sales Order or Quotation. Any advice? Thanks.

How are you packing those items? You should use Product Bundle feature for this purpose.

Hi @nabinhait How am I packing those items? If I understand you correctly, I just put the shoe in the box and label it on outside of the box. Currently the label cost and labor is not included. (Try to simplified things in the beginning.)
So your advice to handle this is to use Product Bundle? So I need to set up ONE product bundle for EACH shoe variant( color and size) and suitable box.
Is it better than to having a separate item which has the BoM of the corresponding shoe and box? Thanks again for your awesome support!

Hi @nabinhait Thank you.
As you advised, I created a Product Bundle of 2 items and one of them is subtracted and got a default BoM too in item page.

But when I tried to create a production order from a sale order (is it correct to raise production order for out of stock item which is subtracted?), it prompted me “No Items with Bill of Materials to Manufacture”. Thank you.