Removing Regional Hooks


I am new to ERP Next. Can Any one suggest me, How can I remove regional hooks , restrictions?
For Eg. I am from Nepal and I am using ERPNext for my internal use, Now if I want to delete a sale invoice or a payment entry, I should be allowed for this. How can I do this?

स्वागात् छ! नेपालमा हामीजस्तो ERPNext प्रायोगकर्ताहरु धेरै छैन, तर बिस्तारै बढ्ला

The simplest way is just to change your company’s country in your company doctype. Alternately, you can remove the check from ERPNext’s (here), though your changes will be removed next time you update. It might be possible to override ERPNext’s doctype event hooks in an app, but I’m not sure.

FWIW, the prohibition on delete was a requirement for approval by IRD. If you remove it, you may or may not get approval for use.


Thanks for reply. I have removed the code for trash from

Then bench update. but still not able to delete any invoice.

Any help?

The only thing I can think of off-hand is that you need to restart supervisor (supervisorctl reload), though bench update should have taken care of that. If that doesn’t help, I’m not sure.

Can You also help to adding a parallel calendar with nepali date ?

The simplest way would probably be to override the date control js and change onShow callback method here:

It’s definitely doable, but it’d be a significant project.