[Release Notes] ERPNext v12.12.0 and Frappe v12.10.0

Here is the release note of the latest release of ERPNext and Frappe (version 12) as per the monthly release cycle.

Frappe 12.10.0

Fixes & Enhancements

  • Fixed auto email report for reports with group by filter (#11292)
  • Fixed canonical URL (#11324)
  • Fixed an issue where contact was not visible in the form (#11366)
  • Fixed an issue with backup generation (#11273)
  • Fixed report response handling (#11350)
  • Email fixes & improvements (#10918), (#11460), (#11433), (#11254), (#11391)
  • Fixed styling of markdown contents in Webpage (#11248)
  • Fixed total row in report print template (#11509)


  • Added ability to send emails via Server Script (#11495)
  • Methods like get_print and attach_print are now available in server scripts (#11498)
  • Added Turkish translation for datepicker (#11456)
  • Introduced system to automatically delete old prepared reports (#11294)
  • Added option to show row index number for child table (#11264)
  • Added a decorator to validate and sanitize search inputs (#11295)


  • Compress build from theme generator for faster website loads (#11422)


  • Removed ignore_permissions flag from API request (#11454)
  • Sanitized 2FA response (#11262)

ERPNext v12.12.0

Fixes and Enhancements

  • Unable to submit reverse charge invoice (#23103)
  • Total calculations for multi-currency RCM invoices (#23070)
  • Cannot search items in offline pos (#23083)
  • Check Company in Payment Entry before selecting values (#23421)
  • Set cost center for payroll payable account (#23223)
  • Download Required Materials not working for production plan (#23404)
  • Not able to make material request from SO (#23262)
  • Profit and loss report not working (#23254)
  • Get Items from Product Bundle in Purchase Order (#23228)
  • Pricing Rule encoding fixed (#23146)
  • Create Opoortunity without Default Company from Email (#23098)
  • Incorrect consumed qty if raw material with batch (#23390)
  • Book loss amount in the COGS instead of stock received but not billed (#23414)
  • Conversion factor for BOM exploded item rate (#23153)
  • Don’t overwrite patient appointment duration if already specified (#23169)
  • General Ledger filter validation (#23230)
  • BOM Update Tool failing due to Too Many Writes error (#23191)
  • Check for Company before trying to fetch party details (#23206)
  • Handled condition if staffing isn’t created (#23057)
  • Unlink and delete batch created from stock reconciliation on cancel (#23192)
  • Mixed condition pricing rule not working on js side (#23160)
  • Form dashboard showing wrong balance (#23131)
  • Attendance calendar map fix (#23247)
  • Misleading filters on Item tax Template Link field (#23246)
  • Leave application status fix (#23043)
  • Stock qty in HSN wise outward summary (#23252)
  • Online pos print not working (#23378)
  • GLE for subcontracted PR is fg item rate is zero (#23117)
  • User-created manual job card not linking job card operation with work order operation (#23126)
  • Stock reconciliation, incorrect serial nos fetched in the current serial no field (#23368)
  • Incorrect stock balance issue for batched item (#23186)
  • Showing a negative balance in expired leaves (#23428)
  • Production plan incorrect work order qty (#23264)
  • Validate Job offer against vacancies (#23107)
  • Incorrect completed qty against the operation in a work order if the workstation is different in job card (#23215)
  • Incorrect job card timer issue (#23226)
  • Consumed qty logic for subcontracted raw materials (#23314)
  • Update paid amount for pos return (#23124)
  • Asset movement date for backdated asset entry (#23300)
  • JSON download for HSN wise outward summary (#23081)
  • Purchase order updates are not tracked (#23325)
  • Allowed to rename lead (#23113)
  • Add company in list fields to fetch for Expense Claim (#23021)
  • Events not deleted on canceling maintenance schedule (#23219)
  • Update items in Sales/Purchase Order with workflow (#23324)
  • Lock row in subquery while setting delivered qty (#23101)

@nabinhait can you look at the email fixes again? Email alerts are broken since this update. Email alert for workflow no longer works and Email Notifications manually generated gets stuck in queue unless manually flushed.

Scheduled backups have stopped functioning as well unless manually triggered while Dropbox Backup has stopped functioning altogether with no error log generated.


Did you resolve this?

Kinda… upgrading to the version below fixed it.

ERPNext: v12.12.1 (version-12)
Frappe Framework: v12.10.2 (version-12)

I’ve refrained from upgrading ever since because I don’t want to break notifications again and since they didn’t respond directly to the issue and how it was fixed, I am unsure of whether a new update will affect it negatively.

The funny dilemma of upgrading/updating :slight_smile:
Upgrade to solve an issue but might be introduced to a new one.
Lucky we are using a great open source product with a great team behind it and supported by great community :+1: