Refund payment entry

Hello, I have a simple situation and I don’t realize how to do it from erpnext.

  • I have an invoice with your payment
  • the credit note has been made
  • return the money to customer.

I don’t realize how to do it the right way. Although I can make an accounting entry, I still have the payment entry as an account receivable (negative).

What is the correct way to return payment to the customer?


The Credit Note is generally given if a Customer is ready to have payment adjusted with the feature purchase.

If the payment itself has been refunded, then probably canceling the Payment Entry and Sales Invoice itself will be the simplest approach.

@nabinhait please suggest other approach by creating transactions.

Thanks Umair for response.

Ok, canceling the invoice is not an option in my country (send data to tax office), but canceling Payment Entry not problem.

It would also be more tedious not to do so, since it should be recorded that money entered and then left.

I’m waiting if Nabin has any more suggestions.


Can you ask your customer for a debit note?