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Refresh button vs. re-selecting reference items

Considering the knowledge is there already for doing a “refresh” by re-selecting a link item, instead of having to re-select, is there a possibility of making a core function to perform the refresh by clicking a button instead? I am asking this because the concept of re-selecting something may become error-prone as compared to just clicking a refresh button.


When are you finding it necessary to refresh a form?

As an example:

It would be “nice” if instead of re-selecting the customer primary contact to update the data on the customer, to instead have a “refresh” button available.

Ah, do you mean after an already-open doc has been changed by another doc open in another window?

Doesn’t the “Reload” menu command do what you’re describing?

Review the footer on the field “Customer Primary Contact”… it says Reselect, if the chosen contact is edited after save. How can we remove this requirement by providing a quick “refresh” button there. I feel like performing the action, as stated, could be error prone.

Hmm…I see what you’re talking about now. I didn’t you were talking about something specific to the Customer doctype.

Glancing at the backend logic, this whole “Primary Address and Contact Details” section is very weird. Adding a button to refresh wouldn’t really fix the issue if these are meant to be derived values. I’ll poke around and see if a solution is possible with scripts, but broadly the whole data structure might be due for a rethink.