Reducing left side space to add more columns for child table


In some kind of business, it is required to show more columns for each item because a lot of information is required to be known for the item. It will not be practical to keep clicking on the right column of the child table to see the item details and keep doing this for each item.

Is it possible to reduce the left side space to give a more space for the working area which will help to add more columns for the child table and resolve the problem?

Below is image for more explanation.

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I changed the css in apps/frappe/frappe/public/js/frappe/ui/page.html

Change the class from container to container-fluid

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Hello @ragh;

That is fine. But still I need to resolve the desk and the top header for the page as shown in the below images, can you please advise me from where to fix them?

Header of he the page: how to make it fluid same as the below body:

Desktop: How (from where) to make it fluid same as the we did in the page: