Questions before using ERPNext

I am planning on using ERPNext in my Plastic Factory starting from the next month but i have some questions i would anyone to help me with them

  1. a. what i see in erpnext that it does has an accounting module but does it have a finance module? like fintech?
    b. if not does it has at least basic reports or finance aspects?

  2. in my factory there is a daily production of products even if there is no any sales orders there is always a daily production does the system automatically adds that production as the expected daily production and then i will add what actually has been produced and measure the losses or should i add it manually every shift of the day?

  3. i have workers in the factory that makes the packages and the quality is there any possible way to divide the daily production to workers and machines? for example one machine makes 20 units per shift can i at the end of the shift for example if that machine made 19 only to add this to that machine production and to those workers who are working on it so at the end of the month i can know the deductions and stuff like that?

  4. about the electricity can i manage to write how much i pay per month for each machine not for the whole warehouse as sometimes not all the machines work daily?

  5. about the serialized products should i add them manually or does the system auto generate a custom serial for me for each product produced? and in the future i will be getting a barcode printers does erpnext support that? to auto generate barcode or codes and auto deduct it when it is sold and scanned by the barcode scanner?

  6. does erpnext calculate for me the min value or the min cost that this product should be sold by?

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Hello @Abdallah_Korraim

I am using ERPNext for more than 2 years and my answer is yes!
ERPNext can do this all simple things and do much more