Question about the new Salary Slip time span

Hi everyone,
So what is the purpose of time span here on the new salary slip (start date, end date) ?

as I see from this link about salary slip and payroll, it only use month and fiscal year.

as you can see from picture above, I tried to set “start date” and “end date” spanning 3 month, while payroll frequency is monthly, and I can save and submit fine, shouldn’t this be not allowed?
The user might think the salary slip will be created monthly from “start date” and “end date” which should be 3 salary slip.
which is not the case.

So what is the standard method now in creating salary slip? and what is the use of time span in salary slip?



This is one of the latest feature addition in ERPNext. It will allow you to process employee salary for less than a month as well. We will soon update our documentation accordingly. @KanchanChauhan please check.

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@M_Tri_R Time span issue is fixed, will be merged soon. And we will try to fix the documentation also at the earliest.

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Hi @umair and @KanchanChauhan thanks for the update. So do we have date on the merged fix?
or maybe you could explain briefly to me what to expect?
I want to have a custom script that use month from monthly salary slip to calculate tax.
will this become problem? as now the time can span for whole year and more, will this be fixed on the next update?


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Okay will take a look, and sorry for the tag.

Gents regarding this how can I change the end date to 25/26 of the month being on monthly?
Also if the month has 28/30/31days and I add the holidays as Sunday (usually 4) an off day shouldn’t the system calculate salary working days minus the holidays?