Quality management Released?

Just came across the quality management system on the erpnext user manual page.
Can’t see it anywhere though. Has this module been released?

Its merged in develop branch (V12). Sorry its not clear in the docs, will fix it.


Is it possible to get this on v11 as beta app.
(as I don’t think this module would effect any of the core modules as such)
and bring it to core when upgrading to v12?

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Hi Rushabh, just input for Quality Management. I don’t see menu for Document Controlling, that is one of the QMS requirement.

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I believe it have to be done in 2 ways… One of them, the SLAs, KPIs… And the other, the documents… So… Until now, I saw a way to do the KPIs, the meetings, the RNCs… All the metric documents… The control and regulatory documents still need to be done.

About the documents, I believe we have to enable the file manager, build an well done permission table, and customize the doctype… Its a workaround…

Must important, has anybody worked with digital signatures? For a lot of industries, it is necessary… (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/9556432)… And… its a step to the paperless dream!!

EDIT: I’ve saw better and deeper… It’s all there… except the documents controls.

The ugprade can be the option to “put on hold” a document, and assure you can edit it outside ERPNext, and then update a new version… Versions controls would be great also!

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Hi… trying to use Quality Management… Some thoughts:

  1. Yes!! Its clearly able to host and control Documents!! Awesome!! (thinking in how to control access…)
  2. I can’t be possible to add nested levels on documents tree.


  1. Its too much important to get some aditional infos from Quality Procedure:

Also type of document, time to review, the status of its classified privacy… And put some workflow to, step-by-step, fill those infos (dynamic links and infos…, necessary to put some status, to allow edit of dates, mantaining the log, to audit).

  1. Edit names - Very important to keep it as a mirror of the QM


  1. Allow to edit dates…

So far… Let go!!!

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Hi friends…

So, any improvement on QMS? Can I help with any (non programatic) thing?