Python issues during ERPNext installation

Good day all

I have decided to take the leap and install ERPNext on a 2/2 Digital ocean droplet.
Using Ubuntu 16.04.6
( I was wanting to use their ERPnext-image but that required a much bigger droplet and wont
install on a 2/2 droplet. It needs 160GB disk-space).

I need to run a small 1 user ERPNext instance for a small startup-business of 300 stock-items.

I have been following this guide:

The install script it downloads and runs is:
curl “

sudo python --production --site [site name].[domain] --user erpnext
–bench-name erpnext-prd --verbose 2>&1 | tee --append erpnext-install.log

This just gets stuck.

Another install procedure that I found is at:

It basically does:
sudo python --production


  1. I notice that the one script is at …/frappe/bench/develop…
    and the other at /frappe/bench/master…
    Which one should I use?

  2. Also , when I still use GUIDE A, and instead of the long “sudo python” instruction, I simply type
    sudo python --production
    Then in complains about the fact that I should be using python 3. I have python 2.7.
    Will it break the install if I continue running the install script with pythoin 2.7 instead of python 3?
    I have been reading up about upgrading python 2.7 to python 3 and it seems that one needs to be
    carefull with that.

Buttom line: I am stuck a bit and need some advise please !


I have 2 scripts here for debian 10.x or here for ubuntu 16-20 which have not ever failed me.
I don’t think you need 160GB if this is just for ERPNext. The scripts above are in a VM which is only 16GB (including 4GB swap) and the discs are not full.

Many thanks trentmu !

I have started working through the ubuntu script