Purchasing Items In CWIP... How to Do?

I have a purchase bill of 8500 for construction. I need to post this as Purchase Invoice bcz of Tax, and I need to maintain the Supplier Balance for payment.
How can I book the purchase entry with supplier name, but effecting is CWIP ?
Now the entry effects in Cost of Goods Sold.
As well as, I need to create Cement,Steel etc. in “Items” for showing purchase. I am making It unchecked for Maintain Stock. That I know
Whats the solution for CWIP and purchase of items?

It’s been a while since I tried to do this, but couldn’t you just book the purchase invoice with CWIP as the expense account? Each Item in a Purchase Invoice gets its own account heading, and if you debit an account you’ve created called CWIP, down the road you can credit it back when you create your asset.