Purchase Receipt - Inventory costs from multiple Supplier


I have a quick question about purchase receipts. When we receive items from oversees, we sometimes have import duties/custom charges associated with the shipment but are paid to a another supplier.

See example below.

Purchase from Supplier 1:

Item 1 – Qty 100 @ 5 = 500
Item 2 – Qty 50 @ 30 = 1500
Total from supplier 1 = 2000

Import Duties Paid to Supplier 2 for this shipment:

Total Paid QAR 200

Now, I want my inventory to be recorded at the value of cost plus import duties. Now thru Purchase Receipt, I can enter the import duties in the Taxes & Charges table which would allocate the cost to the inventory – but how do I record these charges against Supplier 2 and not Supplier 1.

Kindly assist.

In Purchase Receipt, while entering Import Duties, select the category as β€œFor Valuation”. It will include the cost only for the valuation for item, will not affect supplier 1.

Then later make a Purchase Invoice for booking Import Duty against Supplier 2.

Note: If your import duty statement comes after a period, then you can make the PR on receiving goods and then later add import duty via Landed Cost Voucher.

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