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Purchase Invoice ignoring item's default Price List

I have created a Item Template with several Variants under it. I have also created a new Price List for these items, as the prices will need different viewing permissions than the default price lists. The “default Price List” field under both the Template and Variants is set to the new price list.

When creating a Purchase Invoice for the items, however, the rate defaults to the Standard Price List when adding these items to the item table. There does not seem to be a field to redirect it to the custom Price List in the Purchase Invoice. Am I missing something? Why does it not default to the Price List specified in the item’s “Default Price List” field?

Hopefully I’m just missing something simple here…

Hi! the same question here!

Any news?


Somewhat, I’ve made progress but not solved my underlying issue.

Under each individual Supplier you can specify a Price List. After I specified the desired list here, the item price defaulted correctly in the Purchase Invoice.

However, this does not solve my problem because ultimately I want to lock this Price List such that employees without specific roles cannot see these item prices. I do, however, want these employees to be able to issue purchase invoices for items who’s prices are listed on this Price List. But apparently a user is denied permission to any document that references an item who’s price is on a Price List they do not have access to. I do not want to create custom price lists per user as this would create an unacceptable amount of maintenance and disorganization.

Any ideas?