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Pull branch from my repository



I was working in production master branch (and the version was 11, but the branch is master), I was need to do some customization, so I created a branch for me and I did customization under this branch. And I was able to do upgrade for master branch and then merging to my branch. My branch pushed to my github repository (which was forged from erpnext project).

Now erpnext is using branch version-11 for production, what is the best way to pull my branch from my repository without having problems for a fresh installation?

Actually I need to be able to pull my branch and I need also to be able to merge version-11 into my own branch. So how I can do this?

Note: last modification for my branch was in July (and my branch was build based on master branch which is no more existed).


  • Merge frappeā€™s version-11 into your own branch.
  • Do a normal installation of version-11.
  • Add your fork as a git remote on the server
cd frappe-bench/apps/erpnext
git remote set-url upstream YOUR_FORK_URL
git remote add origin
  • Check out your branch and migrate
git checkout -t upstream/YOUR_BRANCH
cd ../..
bench migrate

If you want to merge version-11 again, on your server:

cd frappe-bench/apps/erpnext
git fetch origin
git merge origin/version-11

Note: this is just an idea, not tested. Please try it on a development server first.