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Publish your Frappe App on the FrappeCloud Marketplace (video)

Hello everyone,

Hope you are all staying safe and sound!

Here is the webinar recording on how to publish your Frappe App on the FrappeCloud Marketplace.

Earlier announcement of the webinar.

I hope you enjoyed the ERPNext Conference held last month. In this month’s webinar, we will be showcasing how you can contribute to ERPNext and to its ecosystem.
It will be held on Thursday, 9th December 2021 at 3 pm IST.


  1. Publishing a GitHub Frappe App to Frappe Cloud Marketplace by @nagariahussain .
  2. How anyone can simply add, edit & modify ERPNext Docs. This also covers a demo of our newly baked Frappe Wiki App by @Mohammad_Hasnain

To join the meeting, click here . Speak soon.
Passcode (if req): 294015



3pm IST is 1:30am for me in Seattle, USA. I am hoping that this will be recorded and available for viewing? Do I need to join/register to be able to see a recording? Thanks!


Ok that’s great we will be there

Currently, there is no registration required. Anyone with the link can join.
I’ll post the recording here.

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Generally it would be great to create calendar events so we get reminders according to different timezones. Looking forward to this one


Reminder for the session tomorrow on the FC Marketplace and new Wiki App. Don’t miss it. Suggest blocking your calendar.


Reminder - We will be starting in 10mins.

Have one question.
If we publish any app as free now and later we will able to convert that app as paid? or if we want to give some feature as free and some feature as paid so can we able to manage that once paid option available?

Here is the webinar recording on how to publish your Frappe App on the FrappeCloud Marketplace.


Hi Bhavesh!

Yes, the developers should be able to control it. If they want they can switch to complete paid or can have multiple tiers with additional services.


Great Thanks, Hussain.

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