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Provident Fund amount calculation



As per the existing salary structure, and payroll process, we can have a sum of total provident fund deduction for a month. Now our company also contributes same amount for employees, which is a expense. So, if an employee gives 100$ for his PF, company gives 100$ too.

How can I implement this in ERPNext? Also, Is there any option to figure out how much in total an employee has in his PF account (including both contribution)?



You can create Script or Query Report for this.


You could create, and tick do not include in total, like below.


Can even have it calculated via a formula.


For the total, you can create another component, and sum the two, via the formula, as below.



Thanks for your suggestion. There’s a glitch though. I can’t seem to find the option, “Is payable” as I haven’t updated the bench yet.

I’m trying to figure this out. Thanks a lot.


Thanks for your suggestion. Unfortunately, I don’t know those. :slight_smile: