Proposal to refactor user permission based on SAP's authorization object concept

I do think that a separate app will be the fastest way for everyone to benefit from the proposed changes and gain insights for improvement

What kind of your need? It’s great if you can list out and we can find a solution on that.

From my view, it takes alot of modification in Frappe permission structure for this. Seperate apps will need a lot of hooks.

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currently, I need help on the following

  1. fix the issue to pass the travis testing
  2. find a better way / more efficient way to control/disable the button/menu item which the user is not authorized per new authorization rule on doctype, the existing permission system built a lot of long list for user
  3. real business cases testing
  4. good documentation

Hi @szufisher . Any traction on this? I’ve looked at your PR and it’s great! Let me know if you need any assistance.

  • What happened to all the work you have done, @szufisher? Your work was great but the PR was closed too soon!

  • How did you manage the use cases you mentioned?