Project within projects

Good day

I am trying to find a way to insert projects within larger projects or a workaround for this. Each project or set of tasks will only be shared with users that are relevant, which is often outsourced in my case

An example would be a marketing or brand strategy,
Create a logo & brand
Order Hosting
Design Website
Create a marketing plan

Each of the above will have it’s own sets of tasks

If anyone that has experience in solving issuues like this let me know

Why not use Tasks, you can define Parent and Child relationship between tasks

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Thanks, Manan

When we set the parent task,
Project > Parent Task (field)
It often does not show the intended parent task that was previously created.
But does show other tasks that are not related to the project

Can you share (subtask) with a different set of users/providers
Create a logo & brand (Supplier A)
Order Hosting. (Supplier B)
Design Website (Supplier C)

Sorry didn’t understand this question but if you define the relationships correctly in Project and Task, you should be able to see your Structure in Task Tree view.

You can assign Parent Tasks or Sub Tasks using Assign To [You need to create Users and Manage access via Roles and Permissions]