Project status is not updating (sql error ?)


We have updated ERPNext cloud instance to v10 - v11. When we change the project status to ‘Invoiced’, it is not updating… Still shows ‘Open’ status. This was working fine in V10. Please refer the images below. There are no errors in console .

When I tested on a vanilla v11 installation, there were no errors. I compared the database structure of project table with my upgraded version.

| modified                     | datetime(6)   | YES  |     | NULL            |       |
| modified                     | datetime(6)   | YES  | MUL | NULL            |       |

This was what i found, key value was MUL on vanilla (fresh) v11 version.

alter table tabProject add key (modified);

After running this command in sql, now for the new projects, I can change the status. For old ones, error still persists. See the images below for the reference.

How can i fix the old entries ? I still cannot change the project status. it is always showing ‘open’.