Project Costing & Billing


I’m working with a client who wishes to figure out project costs and I’m trying to figure out how it works and I’m struggling.

Under a Project Cost & Billing section there is 5 grey fields. I’ve figured out how Sales Cost, Purchase Cost and Expense Claims work, but i’m struggling with the other 2;

Costing Amount
Billing Amount

There is no “Time Logs”, I assume they come from timesheets. When I fill out a timesheet and assign it to a project It doesn’t complete the field on the project. I haven’t set a Costing or Billing rate for the employee doing the timesheets, Where do i set those?


me too!

I’ve completed an activity cost for the activity type in the timesheet.

I’ve also plugged something in to the salary structure for the employee

Nothing is pulling through into the costing amount or the billing amount

someone enlighten us…

Set cost rate and bill rate in activity type, check billable checkbox in time sheet to see billable amount.

But that only works per activity. Multiple employees with different rates can be on the same activity.

I’ve done that, it’s not registering in the project costing

Any help please?

As it is now, you should either arm the different types of activity cost, or simply change the value when you are recording the hours log (not very comfortable).

Similarly, if you are going to settle these hours, it is set at the hourly price of the salary structures, so you should have one structure per employee.


Hey @glend Glen,

I’m not sure if your question got answered or it’s yet pending. Since there is no update posted, I’m initiating. Apologies if it’s already being answered

Under project costing, cost via timesheet is captured based on Activity type. Each activity type has its costing and billing rate. This could be further specified as per employee rate for a particular activity type. So. When that particular employee selects such activity type, his defined rate would be pickedup for costing.

If employees specific rates are not mentioned, it will pickup rate from activity type.

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